Jewellery care

To protect your jewellery

  • Remove your jewellery before engaging in practical activities such as sports, gardening, handiwork or going to the beach.
  • Avoid contact with household and cosmetic products.
  • Use suitable products to clean your jewellery or with soap and water using a very soft brush. Dry with a soft or special cloth.
  • Silver jewellery oxidizes naturally with air and humidity. HB Atelier does not use palladium coating to prevent it, as it is done sometimes in large scale jewellery productions, since it involves too many chemicals and the patina tends to disappear over time. A special silver cleaning cloth will return the shine to your silver jewellery.
  • If you never remove your favorite jewellery, have the clasp checked to prevent loss as tension and rubbing in everyday life wear off the metal over time.
  • Avoid storing several pieces together, they may get scratches from rubbing with each other.